Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood raises questions

Kiley and I are watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which is based on the Land of Make Believe from Mister Roger's Neighborhood. This episode raises some interesting questions.

King Friday held an election so the kids could vote on whether they get a new swing or slide. That just makes me wonder if King Friday really is the leader or just a figurehead. Is he a monarch or is there a Parliament that really decides things!? It could be the vote for swings and slides was just a gesture to keep the commoners happy and let them think they have power, too.

I think Sid the Science Kid needs to investigate just how much power King Friday really has over his subjects. Funny the things you think about as an adult that I never wondered while watching Mister Rogers as a kid. I'm just glad Trolley is still around. Truth be told, Trolley is probably really the one in charge. Ha!

More info on Daniel Tiger here.

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