Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cartoons for Auction

I've got some classic cartoons up for auction on eBay. Included are X-Men episodes from the 1990s and Scooby-Doo in Arabian Nights.

These movies have only been played a few times. Cases are excellent.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Classic Avengers Covers

As much as I like Woody Woodpecker and Golden Age characters, I also like Silver Age cartoon and comic book characters. Among the great creations of the Silver Age are Marvel Comics Avengers. Here are some of my favorite covers from the Avengers.

The issue that started it all!

The first appearance of Nighthawk; he went on to become a longtime Defender.

Yellowjacket and Wasp return; Beast and Moondragon become probationary members.

Classic George Perez Avengers cover!

One of my favorite 1980s Avengers covers from Marvel.

Also, check out these classic Marvel Comics issues on eBay: Click here.

Diana Prince as the New Wonder Woman: 2013 Wonder Woman “We Can Be Heroes: Truth” silhouette by Steve Garcia

Diana Prince as the New Wonder Woman: 2013 Wonder Woman “We Can Be Heroes: Truth” silhouette by Steve Garcia

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cartoon Creator - 3D Animation Software

Cartoon Creator - 3D Animation Software

Due to the fact of the stylish similarities in between comic strips and early animated movies, cartoons came to refer as animation. If anyone is attempting to produce their personal cartoon based on actual life characters, they want very good computer software. Ideal software programs in fact aid to find out the layout that one can have a lot of motivation considering that functioning on actual life animations.  

Read more at the link above. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Longing for Saturday Mornings

I think we can all agree with this guest writer's opinions...

By Analeese Burnabaker
There are a lot of reasons that most kids love Saturdays. Kids love Saturdays because it means they do not have to get up early and go to school. Kids love Saturdays because they usually get to relax or play with friends. Kids love Saturdays because it means they got to stay up late on Friday night. But as a kid I loved Saturdays for a totally different reason: Saturday morning cartoons.
One of the highlights of my childhood was watching Saturday morning cartoons. My siblings and I looked forward to it all week long. We made it through five long days of school, homework, going to bed early, and eating healthy breakfast foods in order to get to the next Saturday. And though the wait for Saturday felt like forever, eventually it always came. And with it came our special Saturday routine. Although Saturday is the perfect day to sleep in, we usually got up just as early as we would for school, and we did not even need alarm clocks! Whoever woke up first would run to wake up all the others and together we would go quickly to the family room and turn on the television and flip to our favorite channel: the one with the best Saturday morning cartoons.
Oh, we loved our cartoons. We kept track of what was happening in all our favorite cartoons and we waiting with anticipation for the next episode. We were glued to the television with eyes so huge we did not miss a thing. We would laugh outloud, talk to our favorite cartoon characters outloud, and get mad at the television outloud anytime the cartoons did not go like we thought they should. We were so into our favorite cartoons that only one thing could pull us away from the tube. Dad's pancakes.
Dad's special, Saturday-only pancakes were amazing. We could eat as many as we wanted and we could put anything in them we wanted: blueberries, chocolate chips or even M&M's. We looked forward to our Dad's pancakes almost as much as we looked forward to watching our favorite cartoons. Our parents even started letting us eat our pancakes in front of the television so we would not have to miss a cartoon! What a deal! Saturday was the only day the good cartoons were on, it was the only day that Dad made his signature, unhealthy pancakes, and it was definitely the only day we could eat in front of the television in the family room.
So while I liked not having to go to school on Saturdays and I liked being able to play with friends and stay up later, the real reason I loved Saturdays was not even my Dad's great pancakes. The real reason, the biggest reason that I grew up loving Saturdays was simple: Saturday morning cartoons.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood raises questions

Kiley and I are watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which is based on the Land of Make Believe from Mister Roger's Neighborhood. This episode raises some interesting questions.

King Friday held an election so the kids could vote on whether they get a new swing or slide. That just makes me wonder if King Friday really is the leader or just a figurehead. Is he a monarch or is there a Parliament that really decides things!? It could be the vote for swings and slides was just a gesture to keep the commoners happy and let them think they have power, too.

I think Sid the Science Kid needs to investigate just how much power King Friday really has over his subjects. Funny the things you think about as an adult that I never wondered while watching Mister Rogers as a kid. I'm just glad Trolley is still around. Truth be told, Trolley is probably really the one in charge. Ha!

More info on Daniel Tiger here.