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Cartoons From the 1970s Have Flair

Cartoons from the seventies have flair like nothing else since.  These are cartoons that can invoke great memories of your younger years.  Many people grew up on cartoons as a kid and it is likely that you have your favorite.  Cartoons are something that can be viewed by anyone of any age. 

You cannot talk about cartoons of the seventies without thinking about Captain Caveman.  The famous Teen Angels set Captain Caveman free from a chunk of ice.  He then had the title of the world’s first superhero.  He then goes on to solve crime with the help of his friends.  He always carried a club and he has a famous way of yelling his name. 

Wooody Woodpecker Pepsi Glass from 1970s
Devlin was a cartoon in this time frame that was based on Evil Knievel.  The main characters name was Ernie Devlin and he worked in a circus.  Both of his parents were gone and he was in charge of raising two younger siblings in this cartoon.  This cartoon was a drama variety and each week the siblings were involved in new kind of mystery they had to solve. 

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids ran from the 1970’s to the 1980’s.  This was a cartoon that was widely popular.  The creator Bill Cosby was already very famous and this was a cartoon that he created.  Bill Cosby was also the voice of several of the characters on this cartoon series. The show was loosely based on Bill Cosby’s childhood.  There was always an educational message learned from watching this show. 
This was also one of the only cartoons of the time to feature an African American cast.  This was a show that dealt with issues like poverty and other “real” issues.  This is something that many other Saturday morning television shows did not cover.  This is a show that was accepted by children all over the United States from many different backgrounds. 

The Harlem Globetrotters also had a cartoon during the seventies.  They also made guest appearances on the Scooby Doo Show.  The Globetrotters encountered hurdles that they would need to overcome during each episode.  The Globetrotters were very popular in the seventies and still are to this day. 
Cartoons from the seventies are numerous.  Picking your favorite one can be very difficult.  This is often the memory that many people have of their Saturday morning as a child.  This is a time that many people spent with a sibling and these can be some very powerful memories.  

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