Friday, June 11, 2010

Nova -- Rocketing Out of the Past

Lately, I have been getting interested in Marvel Comics' Nova. I read his adventures in the New Warriors back in the day, but I was researching his earlier history tonight.

From Wikipedia:
Nova debuted in Nova #1 in 1976, written by Wolfman and drawn by John Buscema. Wolfman intended the teenage character to be an homage to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Spider-Man, down to his humble working-class roots and alliterative alter-ego.

The original Nova series, The Man Called Nova (the tag-line for issue #1 reads "In the Marvelous tradition of Spider-Man!"),[3] lasted 25 issues, running from September 1976 to May 1979. Dangling plotlines were resolved in several issues of Fantastic Four, (also by Wolfman) and Rom the Spaceknight. The character then disappeared into obscurity for some time before returning as a member of the original New Warriors team, appearing in New Warriors (vol. 1) #1-75, Annual #1-4 (July 1990 — September 1996).

Check it out! Nova is on Facebook. LOL

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