Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting ready for summer, Fantastic Four and DC Comics

As summer approaches, I am slowly getting excited. Who doesn't care for summer? This summer will be especially nice after dealing with the fall of the economy this winter and spring, I'm ready for a calm summer and blue skies(knock on wood)! But because this blog is meant to be about pop culture and comics, let's get back on topic...

I broke down and sold an old Fantastic Four issue on eBay. Fantastic Four was one of the first series I collected. However, times change and I guess I've changed throughout the years, too. I still like Marvel and the Fantastic Four. However, I tend to lean toward DC Comics and have for years.

My favorite DC character is Hawkman. I could write a novel about the character probably...maybe I will next time!

Coming soon...why Hawkman is a great character.

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